Housing2030 – download PDF

Housing2030 - download PDF

The Housing Policy – Housing2030 sets the objectives for the development of housing in Warsaw. One of these is to improve the quality of housing conditions of current and future Warsaw residents, in council housing, housing associations (Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego) and projects on the private market. Currently the city’s housing stock comprises approx. 84,000 dwellings, which is 9% of all dwellings in Warsaw. Local government authorities may improve the quality of living in the remaining part of the housing stock by implementing a responsible planning policy, setting the trends in construction (housing innovation) and fostering the development of strong supporting communities.

The challenge is to supply the appropriate amount of affordable housing while responding to the changes occurring in our society. The content of the housing policy will reflect the social needs, which are varied and age-dependent. We perceive housing as a dynamic social process, which stands for much more than providing a single dwelling for a person’s whole life. Another objective of the City of Warsaw’s new housing policy is to strike a balance between apparently conflicting needs – mobility and rootedness; community and privacy; the advantages of living in a big city and the need to enjoy peace and quiet; the need to have a flat of one’s own and access to a wide range of flats for rent; quickly meeting the housing needs and constructing as many flats as possible, and focusing on the quality of life or following modern housing trends.

Housing2030 responds to such global trends as population ageing, climate change and sustainable resource management. Improving the quality of life in Warsaw requires a comprehensive approach to housing. Warsaw’s Housing2030 housing policy supports the sustainable development of the city i.a. through: creating housing estates with varied infrastructure and common space, improving the quality of the public space, protecting biodiversity, increasing the buildings’ energy efficiency, creating conditions for strong supportive communities, and defining standards in housing development. which would guarantee the high quality of life in the capital city.